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F.A.Q Adiutrix

The 12 most frequently asked questions about the Adiutrix eyelash serum at a glance.

Written by Naomie 15-12-2022


1) Can I use Adiutrix together with Fashion Lash ?

Yes, you can!
Please note that they have 2 different functions:
• InLei® Adiutrix serum mainly helps hairs to grow, to be more thick, long and healthy
• InLei® Fashion lash protects from external factors, makes hairs more shiny and helps to and align/fix lashes and brows
This is the correct sequence to use them together:
Apply Adiutrix on clean hairs, wait a few minutes until the product is well absorbed and then apply the Fashion Lash as a protection.  Wait a few minutes until it dries and then you can apply the Frida mascara as a final touch!

2) Does it also help people who have had cancer?

InLei® Adiutrix stimulates the hair bulb with natural ingredients. Its effectiveness has only been tested on healthy people (we have not yet had the opportunity to test it on these particular cases) however it will perform its task on these people as well.
Once the person is healed and he/she goes back to living his life by resuming his biological rhythms, obviously the hair will start growing again and InLei Adiutrix will be a boost for these people’s hairs too. Obviously it depends on age and other personal factors.

3) By how much % does it lengthen or thicken the hairs?

Adiutrix efficacy has been tested with a LONG TERM test performed on 20 woman and they guarantee thicker and longer hairs, but this test did not include the calculation of the exact percentage by which the eyelashes/brows got longer.
STAY TUNED because further more in-depth tests are already underway!

4) Where did the idea for the name Adiutrix come from?

"Adiutrix" is a Latin word which means partner, accomplice. It reflects exactly what this serum should be: a daily helper for your lashes and brows!

5) Does it only affect the length of the hair or also the thickness/volume of the eyelashes and eyebrows?

It is not just about the length, if Adiutrix is used consistently, the lashes will be visibly thicker, more elastic, health and voluminous!

6) What is the important factor that makes this serum better/better formulated ?

There are plenty of products of this type on the market and we obviously had to analyse them during the development of our product. The main problem is that these products often contain medicinal ingredients (which in fact cause side effects that are harmful to eye and hair health). We guarantee that our product contains only ingredients that are permitted in cosmetics and that of course it has passed all the tests required by the European cosmetics regulation. Moreover, its efficacy is clinically proved!

7) Why would I change to this product if I already have one that works? And I wonder if it makes my eyes feel cloudy after use?

As for the first question, please see the previous answer (number 6).
No, you won't have eyes feel cloudy with Adiutrix. Obviously there are factors such as personal intolerances that cannot be predicted and vary from one person to another, also the method of use indicated in the leaflet must be followed (so it must
be applied on eyelashes and eyebrows without putting it in the eyes). In any case, we would like to point out that we performed the eye irritation test on this product to verify that it is non-irritating in case of eye contact, and Adiutrix passed it with very good results.

8) Does the serum contain Bimatoprost or this ingredient hidden under another name?

InLei® Adiutrix serum does not contain Bimatoprost neither other medicinal ingredients.

9) Which hair growth phase does the serum prolong?

Our efficacy tests have confirmed that it works on every hair, from the smallest and shortest to the longest ones. It therefore acts on the hairs that are in each growth phase, making all the lashes healthier, stronger and more elastic. Smaller hairs grow and thicken more than average, while already long hairs can go beyond the maximum length / thickness they would normally have reached

10) How long does this effect last after I stop using it?

When you stop using Adiutrix, the effect gradually wears off. Since it contains no medicinal ingredients, it does not cause premature hair loss so it can be used for a long time without suspending its use. It is not harmful. Unlike common medicinalbased serums, Adiutrix does not cause side effects.

11) Can Adiutrix be used on pregnant women?

Adiutrix is a purely cosmetic product so it has no contraindications related to its use and it doesn’t affect pregnancy.
It is obviously essential to check if the woman has some personal intolerances : if the person doesn’t show any intolerance or allergy, they can use it without any problem.

12) Can I use Adiutrix with eyelash extensions?

Our serum does not contain any oily ingredient, so it can also be used with eyelashextensions. Obviously, only the natural hair will absorb it so please remember that it is very important (as usual for those who wear extensions) to remove make-up and eliminate all impurities at least once a day with the InLei® Mousse. It is essential to avoid accumulations of product on the synthetic fibre.

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