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Allround brow (bomber) training

The Allround Brow(Bomber) training from InLei® is the basis for becoming a successful eyebrow stylist. During the training you will learn everything about the eyebrows.

Being a brow artist is more than just plucking and coloring your hair. It is a true art that is mastered by many years of history and experience is the key to becoming a successful brow artist.

During this full day training, the morning part consists of theory and practice is also discussed during the afternoon part.

You need to arrange 2 models for this training. You need a suitable model for the practical part of designing the right eyebrow and coloring the eyebrow. And you need a model for the BROWBOMBER treatment where you give your model's hair lift, volume and the right shape.

contents of the allround brow (bomber) training

  • History of the eyebrows
  • Function of the eyebrows
  • Structure of the eyebrows
  • Different hair types
  • Skin texture
  • Types of skin
  • eyebrow shapes
  • How to design the right eyebrow
  • Working with eyebrows with a different base
  • Focus on color
  • Chemical reaction of the stain
  • Effect of PH on the hair
  • basic color
  • Staining procedure
  • Bleaching procedure
  • BrowBomber
  • Procedure for treating the eyebrows
  • Procedure for treatment of eyebrow 
  • filler
  • Epilation/waxing
  • Contraindications for eyebrow treatments
  • Allergies and Patch Test
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Aftercare
  • Tools and materials
  • Practice

An extensive starter pack is included in the training with a value of €375 worth of InLei® products.

The all-round brow training is an intensive full day in which you will learn a lot to get started right away in your salon. The training lasts approximately from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You will receive a very extensive starter package with all the products you need to become a successful brow stylist. The training costs €499,- ex VAT. you can also pay a deposit of €100 first to register and pay the remaining amount on the day of the training.

content package

  • InLei® "BROW LIFT 1
  • InLei® "BROW LOCK 2
  • InLei®"BROW BOMBER 3
  • InLei® "MISTER FIX"
  • InLei® B-brushes
  • InLei® PENSEEL
  • InLei® SOLO
  • "InLei" Delicate Mousse Cleanser for Eyebrows, eyelashes and face
  • InLei®  eyebrow tinting set (colours; black, brown, lightbrown, cappucino, silver and chestnut)
  • InLei® SALINE
  • InLei® "THREAD" gekleurd mapping draad InLei® Sensitive Wax
  • InLei® “WAXY” professional wax warmer
  • InLei® tweezer
  • pen
  • manual
  • InLei® bag
  • InLei® browbomber sticker

The training groups are small and consist of a maximum of 3 stylists.

You work in groups of a maximum of 3 stylists. This is because we would like to give everyone the necessary attention, but at the same time it is also nice that you can share your experience with fellow students.

After completing the training you will receive an official InLei® certificate.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an official InLei® certificate. And after the training you will receive a lifetime support plus a 10% discount in the webshop on all InLei® products.

For more information, click on your training location and contact us.  

For more details and information about available dates, please contact the desired traininglocation. You can do this by going to the traininglocations button and clicking on the location you want. The trainer will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

  • Price of the training is €499 ex VAT
  • Duration of the training is 10:00 tot 16:00
  • You need 2 models this day.

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