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Masterclass Lashlift & filler

Do you already have a lashlifting certificate, but would you like to switch to InLei and receive training so that you can apply the products correctly?

Then this masterclass is ideal! The focus will be on the operation of the products and the training will mainly focus on the practical part.

After the training you will receive an official certificate from Inlei® and afterwards you can purchase the products you need with a 25% discount.

There is no starter pack in this masterclass, so you will not end up with duplicate products. But you can purchase your Inlei® products with a hefty discount after completing the training.

InLei® is the new generation of lashlifting & filler and is a must have for every salon

Eyelash lifting is an ideal addition to the range of treatments in a beauty, nail or natural eyelash salon.

InLei® is a product made and tested in the university in Milan and labs is Italy. As a result, it has been established that the lashes become on average 24% thicker and get 31% more curl!

How cool is it that you can work with products that are made in Europe itself. In addition, they are also officially inspected and tested and a lot of research has been done. It has fast processing times and the lashes are nourished and cared for from within. So we can only say that this is really a very nice treatment for your customers!

During the masterclass, you will work on a model, which you have to arrange yourself.

You must bring a model for this training, without a model this training cannot be performed. Your model is not allowed to wear eyelash extensions during the training and must be present at the training with clean eyes.

With sufficient result you will receive an official InLei certificate

At the end of the course you will receive an official certificate if you have passed the course. If the result is not satisfactory, we will give you the opportunity to continue practicing at home. You can come back at a later time to obtain the certificate

  • Duration of training is 2 hours.
  • Price of the masterclass is 179€ ex VAT
  • 25% discount on all products after following the course
  • Only possible on presentation of certificate.
  • You must arrange a model for this training.

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