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We often receive calls from professionals who have attended courses at schools that turned out not to be in line with their expectations. Or clients who need some clarifications because they are new to the sector and are confused about certain topics. In order to constantly improve the national service in the lamimaker sector, we are now proposing a written protocol for the updated Lash Filler 25.9 treatment. First of all...

Inlei 25,9

A new Lash Filler on the way? Let’s revolutionize the revolution!


Can a revolution bring about a revolution? For us at InLei®, the answer is not obvious. It takes time, energy, ambition and courage to take on a new adventure without any guarantee of success. But it is feasible!

What was our greatest fear?

Certainly not to match or exceed the excellent results we have already achieved. Projects like these require years of investment and resources. Not everyone has the courage to take such risks, especially if they already have an excellent line of high-quality products.

THE BIG MOMENT IS COMING. We are making great progress and now we want to take you step by step on a journey through the innovations coming in 2024.


Why you don't need aftercare at InLei® after the filler treatment


Stylists who are familiar with InLei® have known about it for a long time and for you it is not something new that we are going to tell you, but it is important that we tell you to provide some clarity. Because if you do not work with InLei®, this sometimes raises the question of; Why you do not need an aftercare product after the InLei® filler treatment.

Inlei diameter

InLei® Lash Filler: the revolution of eyelash lamination


No one... before us!
Well, InLei® was the first company in the world to take this step that literally shook up the industry. On July 4, 2017, after much research and development work, we received the official report evaluating the efficacy of the InLei® Lash Filler treatment, an extract of which we would like to share with you today.

Lady shield

Meet our InLei® Lady Shield


Lady Shield is a cream designed to protect the eyebrow skin during InLei® Brow Bomber and other eyebrow treatments. It contains Fomblin, Zanthalene and Phytosphingosine- all of which are beneficial for protecting brow skin. This blog post is about using Lady Shield and the benefits of its ingredients. Stay safe and protect your brows with Lady Shield.

What makes the InLei® Forma shields a great addition?


Welcome to the wonderful world of InLei®, which is always evolving and galloping towards the innovation to anticipate and fulfill all requests from the experts in this field. Inlei® Forma was created from the need to find a universal intermediate form between InLei® Only and Only1 shields (natural curl and dolly curl). A real addition to the existing range with the same quality that you are used to InLei®.

Inlei®  Brow Bomber vs Brow Henna


Browlamination and henna brows are 2 completely different treatments that both give a certain look to the eyebrows. Where you work with browlamination focused on the hair, you work more focused on the skin with henna. If you work with henna, the goal is often to create an impression on the skin, a tattoo effect. And lamination gives the hair a lift, giving you fuller and fluffy eyebrows. You can take this look from natural to extreme.

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